Helping Families this Pesach 5781

More families and individuals than ever before are in need of your help for Pesach. Covid has been a cause of unemployment and struggling people need your help.

This Pesach Chabad is:

  • hosting and arranging numerous seders for all who need
  • giving out matza, wine and other Passover ingredients to many
  • helping families and individuals with Pesach food, meals and more

Please be a part of this important campaign.

The Rebbe writes many times about the importance of Kimcha d’Pischa, the special mitzvah of helping people for Pesach.

The Alter Rebbe tells us that giving Tzedoko in Eretz Yisroel brings done brochos (blessings) and salvation much for quickly than anywhere else, as discussed in Tanya (Igeres HaKodesh 8 and 14).

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