Chanukah – Make Chanukah Special for People in Tsfat!

Please take part in our Chanukah mivtza and bring light, joy and celebration to Jews in Tsfat, including many struggling families.

This year has had challenges, but the work of Chabad, now needed more than ever, has only become stronger as we rise to the challenge.

In a struggling community, Chabad of Central Tsfat and the Tzemach Tzedek Online Kollel are working to ease the pain of many. We have reached hundreds of

Please take part in this important mission and donate here: CLICK HERE to bring light to many and to light up their Chanukah!

We have hosted numerous public Menorah lightings, encouraged countless people to light and have arranged a public lighting with the Mayor, a challenging feat during Covid. Please take part in these most needed activities. Your support means more than ever. CLICK HERE to help this most needed project now!

May the light of Chanukah bring brochos to you and yours!

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